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Rama Homes is family-owned and operated by Raul and Nelly Gabaldon.  “The first home we ever built was for our growing family in 1990, one year after we got married, in the small town of Presidio, TX,” says Raul.  “The first house that we built to sell was in 2002 and it was drafted by my daughter and I.  This home was a pivotal milestone for what was to one day become Rama Homes.”  We moved to Midland in 2006 where we started our construction company and where most of our story takes place. Bringing an inspiring design aesthetic to West Texas, we believe in catering to each client and no home built by us has ever been the same. 


Nelly studied accounting while Raul studied business administration in Chihuahua, Mexico where he was general manager for Coca-Cola Company for 23 years.  They brought this combined managerial experience to the company and have opted to bring the whole family together as a team. 


Both Texas Tech Graduates, Yvonne and Luis Gabaldon, daughter and son to Raul and Nelly, have been actively involved in the company and have now taken on larger roles with Rama Homes.  With their combined Biochemistry and Geophysics degrees, Yvonne and Luis are committed to support the business by contributing their knowledge to the company. Yvonne, who took interior design courses at Texas Tech, is now a licensed real estate agent and is ready to evolve with the expanding company. Luis followed Yvonne’s footsteps in graduating from TTU and received a Bachelor’s in Geophysics with a minor in math. He strives to help as much as he can on his time off from Pioneer Natural Resources.  With each member of the family taking on a different role for the company, together they come as a team to ensure the delivery of quality service to their customers. 


“With over 27 years of experience, we have learned that building great homes starts with building great relationships.  A home is the largest investment in a person’s lifetime and it is reassuring to know you have a dedicated and knowledgeable team by your side.  We work with all budgets and ambitions so let us know how we can help build your dream home!”

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